Who we are

The Authentic Voice of Christian Television in Africa

Christian Missionary Television ( CMTV ) is a Satellite based Christian television network providing authentic African family reach entertainment programs aired on FTA ( Free-To-Air) over Africa.

Our vision is a mission of recovery for the church through satellite TV ministry, bringing back and establishing the purpose and true will of God for man and the church in this end time.

  • We will produce and provide programs that will bring quality information, education and entertainment closer to the people, with a concerted effort towards the restoration of the core values of our families and society based on sound biblical teaching. 
  • We will continually be the Authentic Voice of Christians & Christianity in Africa. We will also bring on board all true bible believing churches and organizations to preach and share in the satellite platform
  • We will establish through Christ a 24 hours, non-denominational wireless cable satellite Television network system in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

Our Programmes

Missions to Africa

African perspective is a documentary , feature and television series that explores the challenges of missions in Africa and the exciting oppurtunities for reaching the whole world for God.

Informing and educating Christian women.

Let Your light shine is a talk show dedicated to informing and educating the christian women on issues that affect them every day. It declares the word of God with regard to the place of women in the society.

Guiding the Youths towards the path of faith and God

The Youth World (Power 220) features youth oriented programmes that are produced and transmitted in order to redirect and re-focus then on the positive lane of life.

Spiritually uplifting content for the family

We showcase both foreign and local movies that are faith-based, inspirational and family focused.

Propagating the Gospel by bringing the church to your television screen

Preaching oppurtunities are created for pastors and preachers to uplift and showcase their church activities and advertise their programmes.